More2cam is a professional 3D filmequipment rental company which is based in the Amstel Business Park in Amsterdam. We are specialized in 3D film making. Our goal is to keep up to date with the most advanced equipment in the market and maintain the highest possible 3D picture quality.
After years of experience on and off the set and years of working together at Cam-a-lot, Yke Erkens, Philippe Vié and Bernd Lesscher decided to extend their view and founded More2cam.
Because of the specialised knowledge and experience needed on when it comes to 3D-shooting Yke now runs the day to day business and has become an autority on the subject.
More2cam now ownes severeral 3D-rigs. All of these rigs are build for different situations, and ofcourse, different types of camera’s .
More2cam has already taken part in a variety of interesting projects, from one camera projects to multi camera television projects.
For specific informaltion about our rigs and accessories feel free to contact us.